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December 3, 2008
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Great Escape by thuglifejunior Great Escape by thuglifejunior
"I had just let the team stand down after the hectic hunt for the man known as Zubaz, what a chase he had led us, we had finally tracked him down to a location inside of the great city of London, where by a foolish mistake on his part, and ruthless doggedness from the boys, we had captured him, man what a relief.......So I decided to take him to one of our safe houses, deep in suburban Japan, and let the team stand down for some well earned R & R.....I remember the call as if it was happening right now, I don't think I'll ever forget those words that were shouted at me through the earpiece of the restaurants phone...He's gone, the Z has escaped"..I guess I kinda froze for a minute, before springing into action, their was no time for talk or recriminations, we had to act fast....the team was immediately put onto Red Alert and called straight back in from wherever they were, me, I had to take the girl, with whom I had planned to spend the evening with, home....although it was a platonic relationship Ha Ha, I still feared for her safety, cos I knew the "Z" given half the chance would be heading straight my way, with half the Yakuza clans in tow, just dying to get a shot at my, should I say ruggedly handsome, yet not without some charm face, I digress....walking her home with the whole of Japan in a state of emergency, with flashing lights and raucous sirens blaring around and away from us, I seen him, I seen the madman stalking us, and as I had known, their was at least three other Yakuza thugs with him, and that was just the ones I could see, when BAM outa the night............tune in next shot to hear what happens between the mad kinpin Zubaz and his greatest and handsomest adversary Thuglifejunior come face to face on the battlefields of Japan

WB: Metal Stone by Mrpeng
Rainlendar: Vienna M1
Objectdock Backgrounds: Tabbed is Arileen; Middle is Arileen Zoomer
Objectdock Icons: Cryo64 Genesis 2 by Dario Arnaez
Widgets: Weather widget is Hyalo-2X Weather by Adni18; Stealth CPU Meters; Stealth Dual Time; Kayanite Text Clock
DesktopX Objects: RackGenesis3 by Dario Arnaez

This shot reminds me of an old Mike Hammer, detective story poster, I had great fun working on it, as it was very busy and a bit of a challenge to blend everything in, believe it or not Ha Ha....thanks Folks....the Thug
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When I first saw this it made me think it was of a Altered Reality Interface POV.

Crazy detail and love the lighting effects.
Is there a file so you can get a theme like that? Because that is really AWESOME!
thuglifejunior Aug 12, 2009  Professional Artist
Xenoxion thanks for the awesome far as the theme goes yes, there is a way you can have this for yourself, the wall is just a wall from, which has some awesome walls, then there is the software you need called windowblinds to apply the theme, there is hundreds of themes to choose from, you just need the software, let me tell you though go to, download the trial version and you can never, and I mean never go back to the old windowsXP OS theme again, there is also some free software, awesome software you can download for free, you see those layers of icons I have situated on my screenshot, that is called Objectdock, there is a free version of that you can download, there is also a free version of a software called Fences, which is also an icon carrier.....anyway go and check it out, they have specials on at the moment, believe you me, I don't like paying for anything , but this surpassed my wildest dream,s on what it can do for your screen, plus you get to meet an awesome family, not commmunity, family when you join up, go check it out for yourself if you don't believe me, &, you won't be sorry
thuglifejunior Dec 28, 2008  Professional Artist
Thanks Scubabliss, thanks a lot mate, love the emoticon by the way, awesome
Thanx, been with me since before i got here!:nerd:
Another excellent screenshot my Boet ! My fiiiiiv Ha Ha ! Awesome work S.I .Sniper Dale Awesome work !V
thuglifejunior Dec 5, 2008  Professional Artist
Hiya Vito my China, My Boet, thanks for the compliments my friend, I see your dock backgrounds are being snapped up and downloaded like bloody hotcakes, its cos you're so bloody talented my friend, keep up the good work my Boet, and I'll see yer' in the trenches...cheers Vito and thanks
You're welcome Bro..!
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